What to Tell Your Kids About Santa Claus

I Believe shirtIf you’ve been wondering how to tell your kids about Santa, HubPages author lisa42 has some suggestions.

The mom of two kids recently had to ‘fess up to her son and let him know that Santa Claus as we think of him today is only a myth. But she eased the blow by emphasizing what an amazing impact the historical Saint Nicholas, who lived during the fourth century, has had on millions of people around the world. One man has inspired millions to be generous and kind for centuries.

The article offers the following advice for talking to your kids about Santa Claus:

Make sure they’re ready to know the truth – The first time my son asked about Santa, I responded by saying, “What do you think?” At that point, he was still a firm believer, so I waited until he asked again and showed signs of disbelief to explain the entire story. If your child is still on the fence and you want to keep the magic alive as long as possible, you can also check out some ways to keep your child believing in Santa.

1) Tell your child about Saint Nicholas – Let your child know that the real Santa was a man who lived long ago, but he was so kind and generous to others, especially children, that we still follow his example.

2) Talk about the meaning of Christmas – Both Santa Claus and Jesus Christ offer many lessons during the holiday season, so you can use either or both, depending on your religion, to remind your child of the meaning behind Christmas

3) Make them feel honored to keep the secret – Safeguarding Santa’s secret is an important task that is only entrusted to those who are old enough to understand the importance of keeping the secret from littler children.

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