Make your Christmas wallpapers with your Christmas pictures

San Jose, California – Want to personalize your PC screen this Christmas season? You can make your Christmas wallpapers with your Christmas Pictures. A simple way is to dress up your desktop with personal photos or pictures you have drawn.


The big, bright Christmas season calls for beautiful decorations. It is a time when you try to dress your shack with wonderful items. You want to welcome the holiday season with open arms. A nice decoration is a way to do this in style. A good Christmas decorations is also needed if you have relatives visiting you during holidays. The spirit of Christmas is unmistakable in the World Wide Web. The internet offers a whole lot of resources to indulge in an online Christmas celebrations. These include

~ Wallpapers

~ Screensavers

~ Clip-arts

~ Games

You can deck up your PC screen with stunning wallpapers from the net. However, you may skip the use of online resources altogether. Instead, you may use your own pictures as your desktop background.

Pictures for Christmas wallpapers:

Have a talent of drawing with a mouse? This is the time you can use it. Use your own imagination and create a fantastic drawing. You may also scan any of your hand-drawn pictures. Save it as a JPG or a GIF image. Right click on it and choose the ‘Set as desktop background’ option. You will love to make your Christmas wallpapers with your Christmas pictures.

Photographs for Christmas wallpapers:

1. You may also use a photograph you have clicked to make a Christmas wallpaper. If you have a digital camera, you can use it to create attractive wallpapers. Here is how you should proceed.

2. Choose a subject. Think whether it can make good wallpaper. It should be at least something that you will love as your wallpaper. Your subject may be a Christmas item, a personal moment or a family member. You may also shoot beautiful sceneries and use them as wallpapers.

3. Watch the lighting – Absence of good lighting can mar a picture like no other thing. Make sure that your subject is placed in a well-lit place.

4. Avoid distractions – Try to shoot the subject with minimal distractions. This includes unpleasant objects in the background.

5. Check your angle – A good angle is essential to good photography. Try to keep your subject in the middle of the frame. Click the picture. Click some more photos in this way.

6. Transfer – Transfer the images from your camera to your PC. Save the images in JPG or GIF format.

7. Photoshop – If you have knowledge in Photoshop, you can use it to enhance the image. You can create a gilded framework or do other beautifications.

8. Save it as wallpaper – Right click on the image and set it as your desktop wallpaper.

Hope you now know how to make your Christmas wallpapers with your Christmas pictures.

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