Candles at Christmas

Candles at Christmas are popularly used for decorating homes and outdoors. It is said that Martin Luther King was the first person to decorate a Christmas tree with candles. So, those who are doing it are basically following an old tradition of using Christmas candles. Christmas Candles are a good option to give as gifts to acquaintances, colleagues and other from whom you do not want to spend too much money.

This Christmas make sure that you use candles to decorate your home. If you are adopting a color theme for your Christmas decorations, get candles in that color. Take a crystal bowl and fill it up with water. Drop in a few flower petals, if available. Next, put in floating candles and light it up. The floating candles will not only give a soft hue to the room, but also decorates your table attractively.

Handmade Christmas candles

If you have the talent for it, go ahead and make some lovely candles this Christmas. You can make sparking candles, aromatic candles, plan candles, sequined candles – there are so many types of candles you can make. Handmade candles can also be an excellent choice as a gift for a loved one. Decorating your fireplace with candles can give out a brilliant festive look. Bring out those attractive candle holders to put up the candles during the holiday season.

If you are keen to learn this art enroll in a class. You can easily find someone who teaches people how to make Christmas candles. There is nothing like lighting up your home with handle candles. Just make sure to switch off the light bulbs, when you are using candles. The muted light gives a wonderful view to the house and room.

The Symbolism of candles during the holiday season

Since the very early days, Christmas candles have symbolized the victory of light over darkness. Candles have always been used by people at home, in churches and for decorating during festivals among other things. Candles have also been given as gifts to ward off darkness. During the Roman festival of Saturnalia, candles were used for the first time. Candles were also used by pagans during Yule celebrations. Bonfires and candles were lit bid farewell to the last season and welcome the new one.

With the spread of Christianity candles started to find a prominent place in the celebrations. They were placed in window sill to guide baby Jesus as he walked from house to house on Christmas Eve. Some countries have their own traditions associated with candles, and they are still followed. In Sweden, the youngest girl of the family wears or carries a crown made of small lit tapers. During Victorian times, candles were used to decorate Christmas trees.

In present day celebrations, Christmas candles find a prominent place. However, candles have undergone a sea change in terms of the shape, size, type, color and ingredients used for manufacturing. You can find scented candles where spices like gingerbread, cinnamon, pine, rose are some of the popular scents used. This holiday season continue with the tradition of using candles to deck up your interiors.

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