Catch a Video of Santa in Your House

The Santa Video for kidsFor hundreds of years, little kids have tried to stay awake at night to catch Santa Claus. These attempts usually end with the children falling asleep and missing him because he is, after all, magic. But what if you could set up your video camera before going to bed and wake up in the morning with a video of him delivering presents? Wouldn’t your kids be amazed?

Well, now you can catch Santa in your house. With The Santa Video, you simply need to upload a picture of your home where Santa will be visiting, select from several available video clips and they make the magic happen. Your kids can wake up Christmas morning and see a video of Santa delivering gifts and eating cookies right in their own home!

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. But parents should pay attention to the details in the videos so they can make a few preparations before Christmas. For instance, Santa is shown eating chocolate chip cookies in the videos, so you’ll want to be sure you actually leave out chocolate chip cookies rather than another type on Christmas Eve. Very little kids won’t notice this detail, but older ones will. In some of the other clips you can choose, Santa takes a variety of packages out of his bag. Your child will be really amazed if one of their favorite gifts is in a box wrapped like one of the packages shown in the video. (Of course, you can always say the other packages shown in the video were for kids at other houses.)

Your kids will love seeing Santa in your house. And you won’t even need to leave the camcorder running all night!