Free Santa Video Sites Offers New Upgrades

Portable North Pole (PNP) is one of the most innovative Christmas websites available. It allows parents, grandparents and others to create a free personalized video message from Santa Claus that would even impress the Grinch.

The site is only open for a short period every year just before Christmas. This year it’s coming back in November, and it’s better than ever.

Now in its 5th year, PNP continues to come up with new ways to bring Santa’s magic home to kids. This year the site is again offering free Santa videos that can include up to 20 elements you can personalize, including your child’s name, age, hometown, and up to three photos of your child (or any person for whom you’re creating the video). These details allow Santa Claus to mention your child’s name in the video and display his knowledge about how old they are, where they live, and what they want for Christmas.

This amazing video, which is about 4 minutes long this year, is absolutely free to create, view and share online. There are no strings attached.

But this year if you choose to get the upgraded video for $3.99, you won’t just get the ability to save a copy of the video (as you have in previous years). The new premium video includes more personalization and additional footage. It runs about 5 1/2 minutes long, making it over 25% longer than the free version. In addition to having all the features of the free video, the premium video shows a clip of Santa on his sleigh, includes a personalized Christmas carol, allows you to upload a photo of your favorite pet, and has other surprises from PNP.

Portable North Pole has also expanded its offering of Santa-related products this year. You can now get personalized puzzles, books, Nice List certificates, coloring books, door hangers, stickers and other products that feature your child’s name and images from the PNP video. To save 5% on any of these products through December 31, 2012, use code SANTA5FUZ at checkout.

If you have kids who believe in Santa, don’t miss Portable North Pole!

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