10 Sites with Printable Santa Letters and Nice List Certificates

printable santa lettersWant to create your own letter from Santa Claus for your child this year? There are plenty of sites online to help you do just that. Here’s a list of 10 sites that can help you create a Santa letter in just minutes. No waiting for the mail! Some of the sites listed below are completely free, while others charge a fee, but all of the letters listed here are available for less than $5 (with the exception of Instaletter, which charges a slightly higher annual fee, but if you can get friends to sign up, you can get it for free or even make money!) So get ready to play Santa!

1. Free Santa Letters.net
Free low-resolution letters can be personalized with your choice of three letters and three backgrounds. Upgrades are offered in higher resolution output and come with a matching Nice List certificate and envelope design.

2. Printable Santa Letters.com
Choose from 8 different letters and 6 different backgrounds, and choose one of three letter options. The largest (still under $5) comes with a Santa letter, Nice List certificates, Rudolph letter, autographed Santa photo and two different envelope designs.

3. Instaletter
Annual online service allows you to create letters from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and Cupid, too. Lots of ability to personalize each letter, create custom envelopes and print Nice List Certificates.

4. Free Letter from Santa Claus.net
Choose from 2 letters and 2 background designs, or get an upgrade that includes a Nice List certificate and envelope

5. Letters to Kids from Santa.com
Offers two different letters, or the ability to write your own letter from scratch. Each letter comes with a Nice List certificate.

6. Free Santa Letters Online.com
Offers two basic letters that can be personalized with your child’s name. For upgrades, offers 12 letters or the ability to write your own from scratch, and more customization options. The 8 background designs all feature matching envelopes and Nice List certificates.

7. Santa Letter Templates.com
Choose one of 6 letter designs or 2 Nice List certificates. Can be purchased individually or as a package. Documents are downloaded as Microsoft Word files that can easily be edited at home and can be used again in coming years or used for multiple children. Each letter comes with envelope designs and multiple text options.

8. Christmas Letter Tips.com – Printable Santa Letters
Another site that offers Microsoft Word Santa letter templates and Nice List certificates. Choose from 5 letter designs and 1 Nice List certificate

9. Free Christian Santa Letters.com
Simple site with two simple offerings that contain text discussing the religious celebration of Christmas. Letters are saved as MS Word documents.

10. Free Santa Clause Letters.com
Offers basic designs saved in MS Word format so you can use the letters for multiple kids or again in future years. Requires MS Word to use.

(List provided by 10 Places to Get Printable Santa Letters on Squidoo. Image of MS Word Santa letter template provided by Christmas Letter Tips.com)