10 Sites with Printable Santa Letters and Nice List Certificates

Want to create your own letter from Santa Claus for your child this year? There are plenty of sites online to help you do just that. Here’s a list of 10 sites that can help you create a Santa letter in just minutes. No waiting for the mail! Some of the sites listed below are […]

Send Your Child a Santa Postcard

Santa knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good… so why should he only send letters at Christmas time to remind kids to be on their best behavior? Sending postcards from Santa throughout the year is a lot of fun for both kids and parents, […]

How About a Christmas Letter Shaped Like a Christmas Tree?

Are you looking for a creative idea for your annual family Christmas letter? If you’d like to “wow” your friends this year with something out of the ordinary, why not try making a holiday letter shaped like a Christmas tree? It’s not very difficult to do, although it does require some effort and maybe a […]

Family Christmas Letter Ideas

guest post by Debora Dyess “We never seem to write letters anymore,” I complained to my husband. He glanced up. “You can fix that. Christmas is coming – perfect time for a family letter.” He returned to work, leaving me to ponder how to begin such a project. For those of you who, like me, […]

It’s a Card! It’s an Ornament! It’s a Christmas Card Ornament!

I know people who use Christmas cards to decorate during the holidays. I’ve seen folks stick cards on doors or refrigerators, hang them on strings to make mobiles or simply display them on a mantel. But many Christmas cards are opened, enjoyed, perhaps displayed for a short while, and then tossed in the trash with […]