“Snoopy’s Christmas” Video

“Snoopy’s Christmas” is a song by The Royal Guardsmen about the Peanuts character Snoopy setting aside his differences with the Red Baron on Christmas Eve. It was recorded in 1967 and continues to be popular on “oldies” radio stations. Although the song is fictional, it’s similar to a real truce that occurred during World War […]

How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas

There’s not much to this short video – just a cat lying down patiently while his owner wraps him in Christmas paper while the Nutcracker Suite music plays in the background – but as of this writing, it’s been viewed over 6 million times on YouTube. Take a look to see why people enjoy it.

Lyrics for “Santa’s Stuck Up in the Chimney”

“Santa’s Stuck Up In The Chimney” by Paul Evans is not your traditional Christmas carol. But kids will love it. Here are the lyrics to “Santa’s Stuck Up in the Chimney” so everyone can sing along. Santa’s Stuck Up In The Chimney” Lyrics It was the night before Christmas Not a mouse was stirrin’ Not […]

Santa Poop Poem and Recipe

In recent years, candy “poop” has become a popular gag gift for the holidays. It’s really just a bag of candy with a poem on it that indicates the contents came from the wrong end of a holiday character. Popular “poop” includes pumpkin poop and ghost poop for Halloween and snowman poop and reindeer poop […]

Santa’s Stuck Up in the Chimney

This fun video features the song Santa’s Stuck Up in the Chimney, by Paul Evans. Maybe it’s time for Santa to take a hint – it’s time to lay off the milk and cookies.